Drama Help – Vote daily at http://www.refresheverything.ca/dhsdrama

Hello Everyone,

 I know many of you have asked how you can help drama in the past.    Some of you have even asked about how you can help us raise money for some new microphones.

Well, here is your chance!

 New microphones would be a huge benefit to DHSDrama as well as the greater community both at DHS and in Dryden.   So to help us achieve this goal we thought we would try to enter Pepsi’s refresh everything contest.   We have applied for a $25 000 grant through the program.   Now we need help with getting votes.

 I know many of you are already voting for the second chance pet network (SCPN). Actually each person has 10 votes a day and it seems to be a really quick process. SCPN has been great to get us going. If you are voting for both be sure to leave comments on the SCPN site saying that you are from DHSDrama and also supporting them so that we can continue to get their votes.   Actually the best way to boost votes is to use all 10 votes (anywhere but in the $25, 000 categories) each day and comment on the others walls asking them to return the favour and vote for us.  It takes me less than 2 minutes to vote and comment on the DHSDrama and SCPN sites, and 5-10 minutes when I want to use all my votes (Usually because I am actually looking for organizations that I want to support instead of simply those in the lead).   I would be willing to vote on other people’s behalf, if you haven’t already registered for this service through SCPN, just send me an e-mail address I can use to get you registered.

We were in 10th place for the first few days, but have since dropped. So hopefully everyone can pull through on this one. What a great way for the community to come together, for arts enthusiasts to show their support without opening their wallets and for alumni to leave a legacy.
Visit http://www.refresheverything.ca/dhsdrama to vote daily.

 Please feel free to send this out to as many people as possible.   Widest distribution of this message would be appreciated.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your help with this project;  Thank-You!

 Partners in Education,

 Ted Mitchell
Dryden High School
(807)223-2316 ext 660

P.S. I have been told that there is a typo in the title of our page, however, this is something that cannot be changed.

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