DNA DAY Essay Contest – Question is in


It looks like this year I will only have grade 12’s answer this question…





Genes exert their influence on organisms by being turned on and off in precise ways and at precise times. Disease can result when problems arise during this process of “gene regulation.” The first processes of gene regulation to be discovered involved molecular ‘switches’ that regulate transcription at gene promoters. In the last 20 years, genomic research has uncovered many new types of gene regulation that earlier researchers would have never imagined. Genes can be regulated by repressors, activators, enhancers, epigenetic changes to chromatin, RNA interference, the environment, and other processes. Choose one of the gene regulation processes listed above and, using references to support your argument, explain why/how that regulatory process is critically important to ONE of the following:

  • early development
  • normal cell function
  • causation of disease or cell malfunction


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2 Responses to DNA DAY Essay Contest – Question is in

  1. Nate says:

    We arent gonna have to write these in class again are we?

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