Science Olympics


We are looking for students who would like to participate in a Science Olympics that may also include students from Sioux Lookout and Red Lake.

Science North has asked DHS to host a Science Olympics on March 30th (Friday).  The program would likely run through the morning, however, we are trying to get RL and SLO on board as well, so it may have to be later… will be firming that up asap.  In order to make it successful, we need a minimum of 30ish students to participate.  Hopefully we can get a cross section of students in all grades.  I also need 3 or 4 volunteers to help run the stations.

 Please encourage your classes to participate in this event.  Being more than one class in length, it may be difficult to get many to commit, but it is important that students attend the entire event rather than popping in and out.  We need to make this clear to the students from the start.

 There is a cost – $5 per student which is manageable.

 I went and saw this event in Kenora in the fall… a very good activity… lots of fun and interaction for the students!

 I have listed information below regarding the activities that are being run at the event.  Students need to sign up in teams of 4 – any combination is acceptable.  We need a mimimum of 8 teams and a max of 20

 Blind Circuit – Teams must build a circuit using provided components that is an exact replica of a circuit with parts hidden from view.  They must also draw an accompanying circuit diagram.

Indent-i-frog – Teams will see how the removal of several species can crash an ecosystem by playing a revised form of Jenga.  They will also have to identify 5 Ontario frog species.

King of the Hill – Teams will design and build a vehicle that will climb a hill, cross the crest, and prevent their opponent from crossing in the opposite direction.

Superball – Teams will mix a solution of sodium borate and polyvinyl alcohol to produce a bouncy ball.  They will have to determine how much of each substance will create the largest and bounciest ball.

Conifer Competition – After learning how to use a dichotomous key to identify 5 Ontario tree species, teams will have to compete to not get all “Twisted” up!


If you have students that are interested, please have them put a team together.  The signup sheets for teams will be distributed before the March Break.

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