Decline in leisure time, environment

While reading this article this line really jumped out at me…

“Decline in leisure time, environment”

As I’ve been following the closure of the Experimental Lakes Area, I can’t help but wonder what kind of country are we living in.   The truth is, as one comment put it, “Not surprising when greedy industry is keeping people over worked, under paid and tired. On top of that they are sucking up all the profits for the few greedy people in power. Keeping employees on the edge all the time never letting up. We are seeing the beginnings of a very “sick” society.”   I can’t help but agree.

As we loose our quality of life we worry about all kinds of things, at which money is usually the easiest solution.   As a result our leisure time and environment (and time spent in and with the environment) are no longer a priority.   We see this being applied to the Environment by the Harper Governemnt right now as they try to silence scientists in a way to move economic progress ahead with disregard for our environment.  It is truly a sad time for Canadians.

Canadian quality of life hammered by recession

Index shows turnaround in GDP growth no boost to quality of life

The Canadian Press, Posted: Oct 23, 2012   6:39 AM ET, Last Updated:  Oct 23, 2012   8:31 AM ET,

Federal government cancels the Experimental Lake Area program


October 23, 2012, By Stephanie Simko, Staff Writer

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