Food/Agriculture Survey…

Please take time to complete the survey below.   Comment on this post for bonus marks….

Are you interested in gardening, farm animals, eating local, or learning environmentally friendly skills?

The Kenora and District Soil and Crop Improvement Association wants to hear from YOU!!

        Have you ever had an interest in learning more about where your food comes from, how farm animals are treated, or what it would be like to keep a few chickens for eggs in your yard? Maybe you have started a little bit of vegetable growing or composting yourself?  If eating healthy, or caring for the environment matters to you, we would like to hear your thoughts.

Our new Agricultural Awareness committee is hard at work, planning a series of workshops, discussions, and farm tours, geared to unite people with a desire to learn more about eating healthy, and living in a more sustainable fashion, with those that have experience living “green”.

Please take a few moments to fill out the attached brief survey, to help us determine the most convenient times to hold these 1-2 hour sessions, as well as select topics of most interest to you. We encourage you to add any comments or suggestions you may have!

The Agricultural Awareness Committee
Kenora and District Soil and Crop Association

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7 Responses to Food/Agriculture Survey…

  1. adrian lizzi says:

    I am comenting on this post to get bonus marks

  2. Alana Benson says:

    i finished the survey

  3. Rebecca Durance says:

    I have finished the survey as well

  4. Eric Schmidt says:

    t’was wonderful.

  5. Alyssa Madgwick says:

    such a great read, such great bonus marks

  6. Stevie Fishwick says:

    Did the survey 🙂

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