Being Bad in the Bad Lands… A great Adventure on a Day off

Well today was a pleasant surprise.

A friend asked if I wanted to go to Drumheller with them.    I’ve never been before, and am not the kind of person to pass up an adventure like this.  So although I was extremely tired, I jumped at the bit for this adventure.

It truly is remarkable how, after driving across, prairies, you turn the bend and start to descend into the Bad Lands.   I was amazed at how vast they truly are.   It was beautiful looking at the striations of the rocks.   I loved the green grass on top, and the odd field of canola, looking out over this ‘waste land’.   It was beautiful to get out and to walk around.   We only had two hours there, before I had to be back for work (and that was pushing it, I really didn’t have enough time to go at all, but arranged to have my coverage extended by a great friend; Thanks Rachelle!)

As we arrived at the museum, I couldn’t help but think of Riley, a young man I met not too long ago who talked about growing up here.   I wondered if the locals got sick and tired of the tourists as they truly were everywhere, and in great numbers.   I realized that Drumheller is a tourist destination, but also realized it was kind of out of the way so was not expecting to see so many people.   We decided to go to the museum first, and I texted Riley just to confirm he really did grow up here, and low and behold not only did he grow up in Drumheller but was an interpreter at the museum.   However, we decided to forgo the museum tour to better utilize our short time here.

IMG_0722 IMG_0723 IMG_0725 IMG_0727

Our next stop was Horse Thief Canyon; absolutely beautiful, not too many people.  I’d like to come back here one day and hike some more of the trails…

IMG_0730 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0741 IMG_0743 IMG_0746 IMG_0749

Then we went back in the car and drove some 32 km through the Bad Lands to see some of the hoodoo’s.   These were absolutely remarkable.   I’ve asked the question before, what would this place have looked like 100 years ago?  500 years ago?  1000 years ago.   In the Bad Lands with the history of Dinosaurs I wanted to go back even further.   My travel companion took it one step further asking what will it look like in another 500 years?    Looking out over the hoodoo’s, there was a sign, and picture showing me what this place did look like 100 years ago, too cool, other people must think this too.   The picture showed much younger hoodoo’s that were very different, as erosion, and human interference (including graffiti and pollution) has caused these geological formations to change rapidly in the last 100 years.

IMG_0753 IMG_0755 IMG_0757 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0762 IMG_0764 IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0774 IMG_0777 IMG_0779 IMG_0782 IMG_0783

On our way back we saw the sign to the suspension bridge, so although we were needing to rush; why not, YOLO.   I must tell you this 60 year old bridge was more impressive than our ‘bridge to nowhere’ in Dryden.

IMG_0784 IMG_0790 IMG_0789 IMG_0786 IMG_0794

The drive home was great, even though I was sleepy.  We did hit some clouds, that turned into a great storm when we got home.   Here is a nice picture of a field of canola, on the edge of the bank of clouds, causing some neat lighting and contrast.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0802

I need to thank Amanda for this amazing day.   I know she’s a bit like me, not liking to have her picture taken, but I did snap these without her noticing in exchange for the ones I let her take of me.


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