Italy – Automatic Update # 3 – Rome

This was my third (and not last) time to Rome, and we are now on our way home.

Day 7

As you journey to Rome, stop at the ancient Etruscan stronghold of Orvieto. Situated on a pedestal of volcanic rock in the Umbrian region, the lovely town boasts a breathtaking duomo—one of the finest cathedrals in the country. The black and white building is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic style and was constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries. Travel to this impressive Medieval city by funicular and take in views of the surrounding Volscian Mountains. Then arrive in Rome, where dinner is included tonight.

Day 8

Follow in the footsteps of Julius Caesar during your guided sightseeing tour of Rome. Highlights include entering the Colosseum, where 50,000 spectators cheered their favorite gladiators to victory, and making a photo stop at the ruins of the Forum, from which the Caesars ruled their vast empire. This afternoon is free to further your explorations of ancient Rome. Visit the Pantheon, or tour one of Rome’s many important churches.

Day 9

Take in all the art and architecture that greet the eye at every turn—from relics of the ancient empire to treasures of Renaissance and Baroque art. Stroll across the Spanish Steps. See Bernini’s captivating Fountain of the Four Rivers and stop at the legendary Trevi Fountain, into which centuries of visitors have tossed coins to ensure their eventual return to Rome.

This guided tour takes you inside the world’s smallest state, Vatican City. Upon arrival, you’ll first visit the Vatican Museums, which recently celebrated a 500-year anniversary and hold many of the world’s most important Classical and Renaissance-era sculptures. Next, you’ll visit the Sistine Chapel, where you’ll gaze on what is perhaps Michelangelo’s greatest masterpiece. Finally, you’ll visit the enormous St. Peter’s Basilica, the epicenter of the Roman Catholic faith. The artists whose efforts have contributed to its glory are some of the best Italy has ever known, including Bramante, Peruzzi, Raphael and Michelangelo. Masterpieces await at every turn, from Bernini’s magnificent bronze canopy to Michelangelo’s Pietà.

End your day with an elegant four-course dinner at one of our favorite Roman restaurants. While you dine, you’ll be treated to some of opera’s best-loved arias…and you might even join the singers on stage. Don’t miss this lighthearted evening of food and fun! Do you think Ted was up to sing?

Day 10

Today mom took a free day while Renee and Ted continued south;

Travel to Pompeii for a guided tour of the famous ruins. Discover how Roman citizens lived 2,000 years ago, before Mount Vesuvius erupted in and smothered the town of Pompeii in a flood of volcanic ash. Visit the excavated ruins of theaters, villas, temples and baths. Lunch is included.

Day 11

Today the rest of our tour left while we try to spend two more days in the Eternal City;

Today we went on a food tour;

Trastevere is the quintessential neighborhood with its small, cobblestone streets and building facades drenched in ivy. At night it is a happening destination for tourists and locals alike. Yet by day Trastevere is more like a little village with its timeless, multi-generational shops that have been serving the same local families for decades, and its colorful outdoor food market showcasing Italy’s abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses and fish.

On this walking food tour we get a chance to eat our way around the neighborhood enjoying 10 delicious food tastings that offer proof a to why Rome is one of the food capitals of the world. Along our way we engage with all the many wonderful families that work hard at preserving the city’s greatest food traditions. As with all of our tours this one features some fabulous cultural and historical sites that few tourists get an opportunity to see.

Day 12

Our last day in the city. You’ll have to ask us what we were up to, enjoying the last flavours of this wonderful trip! See you soon!

Ciao, Bella!

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