More from Peru…

(I actually wrote this a long time ago, posted it several months later, but backdated it…)

Well I guess we didn’t quite leave the desert in Nazca! Our next stop; Arequipa was also desert! Although you can’t tell from the pictures, that this city was in an arid district, it really was rocky/sandy outside the city limits. A highlight was visiting the local market, where there were many fruits (I’m guessing mostly from the Peruvian Rainforest). Overall, it was a beautiful city, that I think I could have spent more time in!

Ted072 Ted069 Ted070 Ted066

But after that we did leave desert for highland! Next stop was the city of Chivay, in the Colca Valley. This town was absolutely beautiful, and I was glad we were here for two nights. Upon arrival we hiked on some inca trail, up to a nice lookout!

Ted120 Ted104 Ted106 Ted114 Ted119

We were up early the next morning to head to Colca Canyon, in hope of seeing some Condors! We needed some patience, but sure enough they put on a wonderful show! We hiked along the canyon before returning to Chivay;

Ted121 Ted122 Ted128 Ted129 Ted130 Ted131 Ted132 Ted133 Ted134

Next stop was Puno on lake Titicaca. Another beautiful city, we were only there a short time before heading out on the lake! First stop was the Uros (floating) islands. This was mind blowing. To think of a people who are so dependent on the lake. They create their islands, houses and boats using reeds from the lake; it is an on going job.

Ted145 Ted147 Ted148 Ted149 Ted150 Ted151

Then we visited the island of Taquile for lunch and a walk! It looked like it would be a good up hill hike, and it was, the air is thin enough at 3 813 m in elevation, without walking another 200m up, but I guess it is good training for the inca trail. Our next stop was on Chucuito Peninsula, where we stayed in the house of a family, wake up call at 5:30am to go out and help with fishing. We also took some sheep out to pasture before going for a hike above the community.

Ted153 Ted154 Ted155 Ted157 Ted158 Ted160 Ted162 Ted163

Now we are on our way to Cuscoe, where I’ll meet with a doctor to see if I should be hiking the Inca Trail. My ankle is feeling much better, I’ve stopped taking pain medication, however, my leg is still swollen. However, I’ve prepared myself for the likely answer that he recommends that I do not hike the Inca.

Ted165 Ted166

Tomorrow the Sacred Valley

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