Wrapping up a year off…

It’s hard to believe that my year off has come to an end.

I’ve posted a lot about it below, and I hope that if you haven’t  been following me that you take some time to read about my adventures.

It started by working at Penhold, a trip to Italy, a trip to South America (where I injured myself), some healing, working in southern Ontario, and back to Penhold to work for this past summer and round off my year.

The past two weeks have been spent with family.   There is never enough family time, but I did get to spend some quality family time, with a majority  of the family.

Trips to see Thomas, and to Grand Forks were great…





There was some canoeing, boating, camping, food, sleepovers and watching some movies.

All in all , the past two weeks were a great way to finish off my year off.  I really did have a lot of fun, visited lots of people and places.    I’ve learnt lots about myself and the world, and am excited to bring that learning back into the classroom.

I feel rested, rejuvenated, and am excited to be getting back to the great and rewarding career of teaching.   I’ll continue to post some of my trips and adventures here, but am guessing that most of my posts will change back to school related science news, and articles that I find interesting.

Thanks to those who have followed me and my adventures, and I look forward to seeing just what this year brings!

From me to you,



Mr. Mitchell!!

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