Well it may have felt like it took a long time to travel here – but not as little Ng as we’ve been planning and preparing for the trip.

I really wish I could have grabbed a picture coming off the plane.   The airport sign was bright with all the colours of the rainbow.

After clearing immigration, collecting our bags and then customs it wasn’t long before meeting our tour director; Efrain.   He is very friendly and obviously passionate about the outdoors and tourism.

We made a quick stop at a shopping market to grab snacks.   Students quickly realized that prices appeared expensive.  A bag of chips costs $4.50 USD or $9 BZD.


I did find some flavoured (salsa) plantain chips.   They are delicious and I’ll want to buy another bag for sure!

The hotel is new and very nice.   I can’t wait to see it in the daylight.

I’m noticing the similarities between us and the Italy trip.  Tonight’s supper was spaghetti and tomorrow while the Italy travelers are on the Venetian Canals we’ll be boating the river Lamanai!


This morning I was able to watch the sunrise and listen to many birds!



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