Well to start – I was wrong!

Today we travelled down the New River on our way to Lamanai.

The Mayan Ruins of Lamanai were incredible.   What an interesting history!

Our day started with boarding the boat and heading north from the resort to see a rum distillery and meet a friendly spider monkey!   The monkey got pretty close – but from where I was sitting and the camera I had I did not get a great pic!   Not a big loss…   Lol


We then headed south to the ruins.   The boat ride was wonderful and filled with many sights, sounds, smells.  For most of the ride we were down an engine – but it just elongated the day, which can in my mind made it better!

Once we arrived and entered the archeological site I noticed the humidity, but all in all it hasn’t been too hot – although this afternoon I noticed it was getting close.

Lamanai loosly translates to city of the submerged crocodile.

While there we saw 3 temples, some howler monkeys and an old sugar mill.

I really enjoyed the many trees I saw and the stories about them.  One of my favourite is the bullet tree;  apparently their fibers are woven making them very strong and as a result were an effective armour against Spanish bullets.


Our first temple was the Temple of the Masks – so named because at one time it had 13 of these masks on it.


Some of the metal remnants of the old sugar mill


Jaguar Temple, you can make out the foundation of a face of a jaguar that would have been cemented and painted like most of the facade. 

A pic of the KP students QE and DHS students at the High Temple
By the time we got back on the boat the second engine was fixed and we had a much quicker return trip.
When we got back, the students were able to enjoy some free time.  Which for Aidan meant some Volleyball.  He was in his glory!


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