Update from The Island

Well, we made it to the island!

All is safe and sound!

Since, it’s been awhile since the last post I’m not sure where to start.

So I’ll just share some pics and short anecdotes, and of course these are in a random order; 

The site of Xunantunich was beautiful.   The ruins and stories were great!   We started here on Tuesday morning.

One of my favourite shots of Xunantunich

On Monday our first stop was a jungle hike.  Although the hike was missing, we did learn a lot about Jungle survival.  

I do have pics of Cave tubing which we enjoyed but they are on another camera so you’ll not see these for awhile.  I did not take pics of us zip lining.  

Back to Xunantunich   

 The kids showed no fear on top of El Castillo.

     A highlight for me was learning about the life cycle of the Blue Morpho before getting to see them yesterday.

  A post soccer game pic from yesterday.  Our students were impressed that we only lost 7 to 1.

Today we Visited the Belize Zoo.   This zoo only houses local fauna, and focuses on rehibilitation and release.

A pic during the thrill of the action; it was very hot, I was impressed with the effort exhibited during the game regardless of how tired people were and how hot it was.

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